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Сенсорный модуль Raspberry Pi v2.1

7 500руб.

Сенсорный модуль Raspberry Pi v2.1 (8 МП) плюс опционально адаптер для подключения к несущей плате NVIDIA Jetson TX1 c 22-пиновым разъемом CSI-2.


Specification Raspberry Pi camera
Model Pi cam v2.1 (8 MP) with Sony IMX219 sensor
CSI-2 lanes 2
Resolution native: 3280 x 2464 (8,081,920 pixels)
1640 x 1232 (2×2 binning: this is the default mode for the 6 camera setup with the J106) for full viewing angle and the usage of all pixels (best light sensitivity and lowest noise level)
Interfaces 15 pin FPC connector to host system (e.g. Raspberry Pi, J90, J100, J106, J120, and J140)
pin out compatible to Raspberry Pi 3 (15 pin cam connector with 1mm pitch)
optional 4 lane adapter: 38237 (required for carrier boards with 22 pin CSI-2 connector)
Power supply 3.3V via FFC cable connection – powered by Jetson carrier board
FFC cable default length: 150mm (15pin, 1mm pitch, contacts on opposite sides)
please use the 38237 adapter and 22 pin FFC cables to extend the cable
Driver Auvidea firmware packages include driver for this IMX219 camera (TX1 only at this time – TX2 is planned)